About Insurance Agency Rates

Welcome to Insurance Agency Rates, where you can learn the basics of how insurance works here in Oz.

Let’s face it—insurance is confusing now. Australia provides public health cover to all its citizens, but it also owns a private health insurance business and subsidises your private premiums. You’re required to buy CTP insurance for your car, but that won’t cover the property damage if you crash into a streetlight. How are you supposed to make sense of all these rules and policies?

My goal in creating Insurance Agency Rates was to answer questions for insurance beginners. I want people to know what they’re spending their money on when they buy a policy. And ultimately, I want people to make financial decisions that will improve their lives.

Even if you never have to file a claim, the security that comes from the right insurance policies is worth any premium you pay.

Of course, I don’t think a small website is enough to fully educate you about the complex world of insurance. That’s why I’ll frequently post articles explaining more about insurance and its industry. If you browse this site long enough, I know you’ll feel more confident the next time you talk to an insurance agent.

Thanks for reading!